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Engine Carbon Clean Peacehaven

Restore vehicle performance and fuel efficiency with an engine carbon clean

If your vehicle is feeling a little sluggish, it might be time for an engine carbon clean. At C R Allen & Sons, we use the latest hydrodynamic technology to restore engine performance and fuel efficiency by clearing carbon deposits from your engine components in as little as 45 minutes.

And unlike chemical-based alternatives, we use natural cleaning agents to restore your vehicle back to its best without the risk of accelerating engine erosion – or harming the planet. It’s the smarter choice for any vehicle owner.

Prices start at £50 +VAT


Improved responsiveness

Restored fuel efficiency

Lowered vehicle emissions

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Engine Carbon Clean before and after

Walnut carbon blasting

Safely remove carbon deposits and restore lost vehicle performance with our affordable walnut carbon blasting service, now available at C R Allen and Sons.

Price dependant on vehicle model.


How do you know if you need an engine carbon clean?

Clear tell-tale signs you need an engine carbon clean include a loss of power, illuminated dashboard lights or, in extreme cases, a failed MOT due to high emissions.

If you want a second opinion, speak to us about a free vehicle health check. Book your engine carbon clean today by completing our quick and easy booking form or by calling 01273 584987

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