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Stay cool with our speedy air con repair and recharge service

A fully functioning air con system is vital for comfortable cabin conditions.

Without it, you might experience unpleasant smells, allergy problems or even condensation on your windscreen – all of which are a hazard to your safety on the road.

So, to keep your air con running like new, we offer a while-you-wait repair and recharge service for every type of vehicle, no matter the make or model. Your vents will be blowing purified, sub-zero temperatures again in no time.

Prices start at £40 +VAT


While-you-wait service

All vehicle types welcome

Restored air quality in minutes

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Free air con performance test

If it’s been a while since you had your air conditioning serviced, we can check if it needs a recharge. Just drop in to see us and our technicians will do the rest.

Maintaining your air con system

It’s best to use your air con regularly. That way, you prevent filters building up with mould, bacteria and other particles that impact cabin air quality. It also means you save money on repairs. For more tips on how to maintain your air con, click here. 

Air con recharging for every vehicle

The type of gas used to recharge your vehicle will depend on its make and model. At C R Allen & Sons, we stock both old type gas, R134YF, and later type gas, R1234YZF, so you can enjoy a cooler cabin without delay.

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Ask us about our air con bombs

Quickly clean and deodorise your vehicle’s interior with our bacteria, fungi and mould killing air con bomb. Available when you book our recharge and repair service.

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