Automatic Transmission Flushes

flush automatic transmission East Sussex

A lot of main dealers will tell you that the fluid within your automatic transmission is ‘lifetime oil’.

Whilst it’s true they are built to last longer than before, you can’t rely on it forever. At a certain point, usually around 60/80k miles, the oil has almost all burned out. You may be in need of an automatic transmission flush if your gears are slipping, you are experiencing rough gear changes or a delay in taking up drive. Also, if you have noticed your RPM needle fluctuating whilst driving at a constant speed, this may mean it is time for a gearbox flush.


There are ways to drain the fluid from your gearbox yourself, but we recommend having an expert take a look. You will only be able to remove around 75% of the oil if flushing yourself, which then causes the new and old oil to mix and burn irregularly. This makes the process hardly worth undertaking, and can actually cause further damage in the long run.

Our process links directly into the fluid system and our cleaning technology pumps out the old oil as the new oil is put in. This means you get a more complete oil change, averaging around 98%. This is the cleanest and most efficient way to change your fluid and removes any risk of old oil staying in parts of your transmission and wreaking havoc.

If you don’t get your oil flushed and replaced, you will continue to encounter problems which may eventually lead to needing an entire gearbox replacement. Our flushes start from £200 + VAT and will ensure your transmission is ready for many more years of service, reducing the risk of you having to fork out thousands on a new gearbox.