If you own a diesel vehicle, you probably have a diesel particulate filter (DPF). However if you’re like most people we see, you most likely won’t have even realised. They are designed to help reduce the level of harmful soot your diesel car emits.

To keep your DPF in good shape, you should avoid lots of short journeys in your car, as these can cause blockages. Some oils contain additives that can block your DPF, leading to a warning light appearing on your dash. If your warning light continues to stay on, turns red, or additional DPF lights come on, do not leave it too long before getting it checked out. If you continue to drive with your warning light on you will cause more damage which will become more expensive to fix.

Many garages will offer a DPF cleaning service, but not the full diagnostics examination your vehicle requires. We hear stories all the time of garages simply cleaning a car’s diesel particulate filter without assessing what faults or problems are causing the issues.


At CR Allen & Sons, we offer the deepest cleaning service, but also diagnostics to assess any problems your car may be having and offer a way to address them. Our diagnosis process will find the problem by checking the DPF readings, uncovering what faults or problems are causing the issues. We rectify any faults with the vehicle that may cause the DPF to clog.

Our DCS20 DPF cleaning technology is top of the range and built to offer a thorough clean for your filter. This tool offers a pressure test before and after the clean, washes the soot carbon and ash content and dries it afterwards. This is the only real way to completely clean your DPF. If we think it is safe to do so, we can clean the DPF without removing it from the car, but only in certain circumstances. This would be conducted after a diagnostic test to see if it was necessary.

We cover a wide range of vehicles, including cars, vans, HGVs and commercials. We are also specialists in DPF cleaning for agricultural and plant equipment as well as boats and marine engines.



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DPF cleaning is now one of the most commonly-requested services we offer. Book now

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DPF cleaning is now one of the most commonly-requested services we offer. Book now

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