Can an independent garage service my electric vehicle?

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to rise in the UK. With over 975,000 electric vehicles on the road, the need for updated tools, training and technology has been a priority for main dealerships and independent garages alike.

If you’re new to owning an electric vehicle, you might be wondering whether an independent garage can carry out your service. So to clear up any confusion, here’s what you need to know.

Can an independent garage service my electric vehicle?

An independent garage with the necessary tools, diagnostic equipment and qualifications can service your electric vehicle. However, if your electric vehicle is leased, you may be contracted to get a service at your franchised dealer network. Check your financial agreement.

By choosing an independent garage to service your electric vehicle, you could save money on higher service charges often associated with main dealer alternatives. It’s worth getting an estimate from both options before making your decision.

With most independent garages, there’s also the option to use manufacturer-approved parts or other high-quality industry alternatives at a cheaper price. Your service advisor will run through your options with you when a service is due.

What needs servicing on an electric vehicle?

Although electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than petrol or diesel alternatives, they still share many common components which need to be checked:


Electric cars are typically heavier and faster than combustion-engine vehicles which ultimately accelerates the wear of tyres. For tyres with treads below the legal 1.6 millimetre limit, stopping distances can increase dramatically. You can learn more about tyre care here.


Although electric vehicles use regenerative braking to slow the wear to pads and discs, they still need checking (and possibly replacing) during a service.


Due to the weight of an electric car, greater strain is added to springs and dampers which could accelerate wear. Your technician will check your suspension during your service as well as testing other consumable items such as pumps, cabin filters and wiper blades.

Oil and coolant

Coolant is used to chill the batteries of your electric vehicle, and oil is used for the transmission. Both will need topping up when it’s time for a service.

Software updates

By using specialist diagnostic tools, your technician will update necessary software for your battery, motor and other components. Staying up to date with software releases is vital for your vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

How often do electric vehicles need servicing?

In most cases, electric vehicles don’t need to be serviced as regularly as petrol or diesel alternatives. The recommended time between each service will be advised by your manufacturer, which is typically between 10,000 to 18,000 miles.

Is electric car servicing expensive?

Servicing an electric vehicle is no more expensive than servicing a petrol or diesel alternative. With fewer moving parts, your technician won’t need to check engine oil, cam belts, fuel pipes, exhaust systems and other components associated with combustion engines.

At C R Allen & Sons, a hybrid and electric vehicle service starts at £54 + VAT. As part of your service, we’ll also charge your battery so you’re ready to go when it’s time to collect.

Can I service an electric vehicle myself?

Electric vehicles carry complex technology which requires specialist tools and diagnostic computers to service properly. Although it’s fine to perform standard checks on lights, tyres and wiper blades, we strongly advise to get your electric vehicle serviced by professionals. By failing to follow a manufacturer service plan, you could also put your warranty at risk.

Can I get discount on my electric vehicle service?

If your electric vehicle is part of a commercial fleet, we offer a 10% discount on all our labour costs.

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