What is DPF cleaning?

If your diesel vehicle feels sluggish, it might be time to clean your diesel particulate filter (DPF). But what exactly is a DPF and why is it so important for the performance of your vehicle? In this guide, we share all.

What is a DPF?

A DPF is a device which removes diesel particulate matter from the exhaust gas of your diesel engine. If released into the atmosphere, diesel particulate matter – and other particles produced by your engine – can be harmful to health. The job of a DPF is to filter as many particles as possible to protect you and the environment.

How do I know if my vehicle needs a DPF clean?

In most instances, your engine light will illuminate on your dashboard. You might also experience:

  • loss of power
  • reduced fuel economy
  • poor throttle response
  • excessive exhaust fumes
  • pungent smell from engine

If you experience any of these signs, book your vehicle in for a health check before the problem causes further damage to other components.

What are the benefits of a DPF clean?

By cleaning your DPF from soot deposits, you’ll help to restore the performance of your vehicle. This also means you’ll benefit from improved fuel consumption and a more enjoyable driving experience. By cleaning your DPF, you’re protecting the longevity of your vehicle.

An alternative to cleaning your DPF is to have the device replaced. This option can cost well into the thousands and puts more strain on the environment due to increased manufacturing requirements. Cleaning is always better than replacing.

How is a DPF cleaned?

Where some garages prefer to use chemicals, which can deteriorate the core of your DPF, we use hydrodynamic technology. Not only is this a better alternative for the environment, but it also achieves a deeper clean, with up to 98% of deposits removed with every flush. Here’s our DPF technology in action.

How much is a DPF clean?

Prices for a DPF clean vary depending on the type of clean and the garage you use. At C R Allen & Sons, our hydrodynamic DPF cleansstart at £200 +VAT with an optional drop and collect service available for customers within a 5-mile radius.

Our team also specialise in all types of diesel vehicles, be it HGVs, Euro 5 and 6 boats, 4x4s, or plant and agricultural machinery. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

How often does my vehicle need a DPF clean?

There are many factors which determine how often your DPF should be cleaned, including the type of vehicle, driving style and the quality of fuel used to power your engine.

But, as a general rule, you should clean your DPF every 75,000 miles or once a year – whichever comes first. If you experience any signs your vehicle is underperforming, a DPF clean may be required sooner.

How long does it take to clean a DPF?

With chemical cleaning, a DPF clean can take up to three hours or more. By using hydrodynamic technology, we can clean your DPF (with better results) in as little as 50 minutes.

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