Our in house tuning uses the finest and most modern technology to allow your car to drive like never before. We are also a Monster Tuning authorised dealership.

Experienced in getting the best out of vehicles, our process includes a health and diagnostics check, during which we will read information from your ECU. This allows us to craft the best process to tune your vehicle and get to work making it a reality.

After our remapping, you can expect to see enhanced engine capability, with increased horsepower and torque. If your vehicle is a diesel engine, you may even see an increase in fuel efficiency by using our tuning services. There is no blueprint for our remaps, and you can expect a service designed around your car specifically, tailored for your needs.

With our tuning and remapping services, you have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with how your car is performing. We can readjust your performance settings to find a balance you are more happy with, or alternatively we will offer a refund. But we are confident our expert team of tuners will be able to put a smile on your face with their work.

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NHS / Keyworkers – Priority booking and Special Discounts.

FREE collection and delivery within a 10 mile radius. Loan cars also available.

Book an appointment to remap your car from experts in ECU remapping in Sussex

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Book an appointment to remap your car from experts in ECU remapping in Sussex

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